No one values the world like we do.

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Our combined knowledge, history, and sophisticated systems give us a clear and reasoned view of where we believe the value and risks in global markets will arise.

Put simply, our disciplined process uses economic drivers and a proprietary model to determine the probability that one asset class will outperform another. This allows us to precisely allocate assets. And, as we monitor the ever-changing economic and investment environment, we reposition those assets as conditions shift.

The in-depth version of our process is one we offer to share with clients whose responsibilities keep them awake at night. With so many people’s financial security at stake, we understand that concern. We support employee benefits funds (pension funds, 401(k)s, retirement and health and welfare funds), endowments, corporations, governments, banks, and insurers, all with our dynamic, flexible and proactive strategies.

Let us share how we can add to your peace of mind.

We demand performance at a reasonable risk level.

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The foundation of Cadinha’s success is our unwavering belief that we must protect our clients’ assets first and foremost, and then grow them.

Whether institutional or individual assets, this approach underlies our rigorous process for gaining the results we do. It also leads us to strive to achieve competitive returns with the lowest risk possible.

We believe in the value of relevant benchmarks.

Cadinha has always served as a fiduciary for our clients, taking legal and ethical responsibility for acting in their best interests.

We believe that this stewardship can be applied to an institution’s benchmark for performance as well.

Because benchmarks guide the investment strategy, it is crucial that they be consistent with the institution’s obligations. Needs change as do investment environments. Benchmarks that haven’t changed with them can become outdated, irrelevant and risky. Cadinha can help determine whether your benchmark is appropriate and, if prudent, assist in building one that is.

We’re worlds apart when it comes to our perspective.

Many portfolio managers see asset class performance as random and unpredictable.

That is why they suggest investing in every box. We at Cadinha know that changes in the economic environment impact asset classes in different ways and can create predictable market cycles.

The comparison above is just one of the many contrasting asset classes we study. Through continual oversight of macroeconomic conditions, we attempt to spot distinct trends before they become fully actualized.

Having a global investment strategy isn’t always about investing globally.

But it is always about understanding the correlation between important economic drivers and how asset classes have historically performed.

We started our careers in a deglobalized world, unlike many of our peers. At the same time, we began capturing performance data in the context of macroeconomic conditions. So, for over forty years we’ve been allocating assets according to the probabilities determined by our process, in all investment environments. As a result, we’ve been able to test our assumptions against emerging market conditions for four decades. The insights we’ve gained directly impact our global investment strategies.

We’re students of the world.

Like all determined scholars, we question everything. We don't just notice trends as they’re approaching. We dig in and discover why they’re taking shape so we can discern the best way to grow and protect your assets.

Because we apply a top-down, bottom-up approach to understanding market behavior, we study the macroeconomic conditions as closely as we delve into the most detailed aspects of an investment choice. We synthesize these complex learnings before we make any asset allocation decisions.

Our investment management team includes:

  • our company’s founder, chairman and chief strategist, Harlan J. Cadinha, whose top-down, macroeconomic insights and technical grasp of financial complexities have been the guiding force protecting and growing our clients’ wealth; all from a perspective beyond conventional wisdom.
  • our acclaimed economist, Victor A. Canto, Ph.D., whose global investment expertise, enhanced by his own innovative tools, has been sought by corporations, governments, universities and investment management firms from around the world.

Together, we employ our rigorous processes every single day to achieve results that we believe are not just possible, but repeatable.

If our performance and the way we achieve it resonates with you, please be in touch. We’ll share how partnering with Cadinha can offer a more secure place in the world to those whose funds you steward.

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